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Danny Lansdale

I’ve spent the majority of my life in and out of prisons, programs and on the street. I became the ultimate disappointment to my family. I never wanted to be that man. By the grace of God, at 42 years old, a group of people reached out to me and I was able to recover. I want to give others the same opportunity to succeed and recover. That is why we started Standing United, to give everyone a fair chance. We know the way out and we want to be there for anyone that reaches out for help. No one of us is as strong as all of us. Our efforts together are making a difference. Thank you for your support.


-Daniel Lansdale, Founder

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Tyler Hauser

The facade of realty hid me from what I was genuinely struggling with and just like many others before me I went from being an all-star athlete, attending college and owning my own business to living on the streets, addicted to drugs and breaking laws. I questioned my self for years why everything was taken from me, but in the end, it was because I struggled with low self-esteem, having all the success on the outside but hiding the real demons. Those demons led me to drink, taking away those feelings of inadequacy and discomfort. However, the drinking progressed into drugs and crime, which led me to be incarcerated for 15 years of my life. Thankfully, I was able to turn my life around through the satisfaction of helping others. This is what led  Daniel Lansdale and me to start Standing United to show people who struggled just like me that there is a way out and that no one of us is as strong as all of us.

-Tyler Hauser, Co-Founder



 I grew up with addiction in my family. I saw the devastation it left behind and I swore I would never walk down that path. I started using alcohol and drugs to solve my problems. One day I woke up and realized I had turned into an addict myself. Where I once judged those who couldn’t stop, I suddenly understood the complexities of addiction first hand. I thought that I could never stop, that my life would always be a battle of trying to do right and failing miserably. I no longer believe that lie today. We can and do recover. Standing United gives addicts and alcoholics the opportunity to turn our personal tragedies into a beautiful story of triumph and hope.


-Holly Roden

Holly Roden


I’ve struggled with substance abuse for 25 years. I’ve spent many years trapped by a torturous inability to cope with the way I felt. My story is one of relapse, prisons, institutions, lies, destruction and terminal selfishness. In 2015, my spirit had nothing left. After numerous attempts, I was finally able to find a solution that worked for me. That solution ultimately consisted of living a life dedicated to helping others afflicted with the inability to deal with their feelings appropriately. Whether it’s alcoholism, substance abuse, homelessness, mental health issues, it is my duty to help all people who can do nothing for me in return. Standing United has provided me a platform to do just that. Their vision of selfless generosity and restoring lives is something all of us should get behind. I believe this is the true meaning of life.


-Matt Church

Matt Church

I have struggled with addiction since I was 13 years old and after ten years of hurting everyone I loved and slowly killing myself with drugs and alcohol, I found a solution: Helping other people find what I have found. If it wasn’t for the guys I met along my journey of sobriety, I know I would not be here today. I am very thankful and I know I will never go a day without helping someone in need. Today, I am the man I was always meant to be, a loyal brother, a responsible son, and a productive member of society. I can now honestly say that I am proud to be a man of character. 


-Josh Hickman

Josh Hickman


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